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Classical musicians

Famous classical musicians in the world

Who were those great men and women who made their mark in the complex, yet the simplified world of classical music? They are the stalwarts who created their name in the musical world with sheer determination, efforts, and passion. Eager to know who these world-famous classical musicians were? Read on to know more!


The man who managed to stun the world with his musical acumen and his ability to create magic through music, none other than the famed Beethoven! The mere mention of his name brings reminds us of our favorite Beethoven’s Symphonies, which we grew up listening to! One of Beethoven’s most famed composition which still rules our hearts will be Für Elise – one that was discovered almost forty years after he passed away!



Giacomo Puccini, also known as one of the greatest composers of Italian opera, is remembered for his composition ‘O Mio babbino caro’ which is known by one and every fan of classical compositions of music. Not only this composition, but Puccini was known to weave magic into every composition created by him, making it worth remembering by every music lover.



This man, if he had lived any longer, would have definitely outshone all the top classical musicians – that was the passion with which he crafted every composition of his. Mozart passed away at the young age of 35 years and would have undoubtedly surpassed the benchmarks he had set for himself and also of those established by his predecessors and fellow mates. Mozart was sheer magic – everyone who listens to his compositions is left spellbound at the purity and imagination of each of these works of art.



Also known as the master of grace and simplicity, Schubert was one composer with the rare talent to infuse silence in music and yet make it enthralling for the listener. Again, he passed away at the young age of 32, which cut short his otherwise illustrious career. Schubert has a lot of great work to his credit making him one of the top most composers of all times.


Although his work was at par with that of Beethoven’s, Handel never really got the kind of fame and exposure Beethoven did. So much so, that Beethoven himself proclaimed that Handel was one gem, and his work is indeed astounding. Such praise coming from Beethoven himself do prove that though he had some marvellous work to his credit, Handel just lost out when it came to reaching out to people with his compositions.